Rebellin Linux - Lasting stability, everlasting impression!

Rebellin Adrenaline - Overview

Welcome to a virus-free world!

Virus Free World of LinuxWelcome to the virus free world of Linux. Dance around the cyber world, your computing lives are completely secure! Linux, by its very nature is immune to windows viruses and other malware. These viruses, even if they exist on your computer will be in an inactive state inside a Linux based Operating System. Attach any flash drive, put in any disk, download anything!

Complete suite of thoughtfully picked essential apps!

Loaded with essential appsRebellin Adrenaline wont boggle you by throwing every possible application at you. We have picked some of the best apps free/open-source has to offer. This makes the operating system quite complete in itself and is a sure boon for people who don't have internet connectivity. Out-of-the-box experience eh? You got it!

Powerful and super fast PAE Kernels

Advanced kernel of AdrenalineRebellin Adrenaline comes with 486 as well as 686 kernels. This helps it work seamlessly with old hardware while the 686 kernel is PAE (Physical Address Extension) enabled kernel. What this means is that even the 32 bit version of Adrenaline can access RAM upto 64GB! The kernels are quite snappy and responsive and you can feel it in the overall speed.

Sexy themes and wallpapers!

Gorgeous themes and wallpapersRebellin Adrenaline comes with a brand new Icon Theme - Faenza. This theme is quite complete and consists of symmetrically designed beautiful icons. Plus we have packed in some amazing wallpapers. They are so fine, that even if you end up hating everything about this Linux distribution, the wallpapers would surely lift your mood!

The goodness of Debian Sid

Virus Free World of Linux Adrenaline is based on Debian Sid. It therefore packs in the latest packages from free and/or open source world. It gets regular updates and is quite stable for everyday use. Adrenaline also supports latest hardware because of its newer system drivers. If you wish to try out the latest versions of the programs you love in a friendly environment, Adrenaline is the way to go!