Rebellin Linux - Lasting stability, everlasting impression!

About Rebellin Linux

The Rebellin Project was started by Utkarsh Sevekar to create a usable, fast and secure Linux based Operating System. Rebellin Operating System is based on Debian GNU/Linux – the universal operating system. Rebellin therefore brings with it all the Debian goodies and a host of additional features.

Our Philosophy

Rebellin Linux was founded with a simple philosophy in mind: to provide the best quality email support to all our customers. We believe a lot of people would love to use Linux if there was an affordable commercially supported Linux distribution that can directly reach the masses and not just enterprise class customers. Our focus is on people - our customers. We are obsessed with helping them solve their problems and teaching them everything we can about this wonderful OS: Linux.

Why Rebellin Linux?

There are more than 300 active Linux distributions in the world. So what's so special about Rebellin Linux? The answer goes beyond 'really great distro' and 'super fast speed'. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose Rebellin Linux over any other out there!

1. Top-notch email support:

We care about our product and we care about you! With Rebellin help is just an email away. While we are busy finding a solution to your problem, you can relax and enjoy the wonderful OS. You will receive an email with step-by-step instructions within a few hours, if not immediately! You can read more about our email support here.

2. We are affordable:

We offer more value than any other commercial distribution out there! Our email support is unlimited and unquestioned and lasts for the lifetime of the product. Rebellin, priced at $5, is the cheapest commercially supported Linux distribution on the planet! When you truly consider all the facts and look beyond the price, you'll realize that there's no distro better than Rebellin, yes including the free ones!

3. This is business. Not some hobby project:

We treat our project as business and not some hobby activity. We work on it full-time. We're committed to making Rebellin the best Linux distribution out there and equally committed to giving excellent service to all our customers. We are with you every step of the way and you can count on us.

4. We treat you as an individual:

We believe in friendly personal relationships and it shows in the way we serve you. You are not some 'receipt number' or 'customer query' for us. We believe in friendships which go beyond borders. We treat you as an individual and encourage you to learn and grow. This is our way of building a healthy and vibrant customer community!

5. We teach, talk and guide you in English:

It's not about just giving you a few steps to solve your query. It's about teaching you everything we can about our O.S. and Linux in general. There's nothing more exhilarating than learning something new. And we help you do just that, in a language you will understand. Our customer service won't just make you happier, it'll make you smarter! We're super geeky, but our tutorials are super cool!

6. Character and Integrity:

And honesty. And transparency. And patience. We have it all. We're brutally honest to you about everything, even if that means trouble for us. Trust is the foundation on which our business is based, and there is nothing better than honesty to build this foundation.

7. We are open to suggestions:

We are always open to suggestions and demands you may have. And it's not just being attentive to customer demands, it's the implementation that sets us apart from our competitors. Why, should you need something badly, we'll build a custom Rebellin version just for you! Now. That. Is. Plain. Awesome!

8. Our website is sexy!

Isn't it?! And have you seen our library where we regularly post new tutorials? You know, if the issue you raise, requires a detailed tutorial, we'll write a tutorial in the library for you and send you its link. This way, a lot of other customers also get the benefit of the solution. Don't worry, no personal information finds its way in our tutorials. Plus the library has a forum and a social network integrated to provide a customer experience like never before. Register today!

9. Sheer quality:

Rebellin Linux is all about quality. It's fast, and has ultra low system requirements. Plus it's designed to provide an out-of-the-box experience. Rebellin comes with all the necessary software required for daily computing. It's the sheer quality of this distribution which creates an ever-lasting impression!

10. Distro-hopping? You'll enjoy it even more:

How you might ask? Simple. Once you give Rebellin a spin, we're sure you'll make it your permanent workstation. Now while your work stays safe inside Rebellin, you're free to enjoy other distros and experiment with them in your free time. With Rebellin, your search for the perfect distro is over. We're positive about it.

Give Rebellin a spin today. You'll absolutely love it!