Rebellin Linux - Lasting stability, everlasting impression!

Rebellin Synergy Desktop Customized Gnome Shell Faemza Icon Set Multimedia Suite Sound and Video Suite in Rebellin

Welcome to the world of Rebellin!

Rebellin is a Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux. Rebellin looks great, is easy to use and fully loaded with essential applications. Rebellin will make your computing more productive and fun.
Developed to provide an out-of-the-box experience, Rebellin is super fast, aggressively secure and has all you need. Rebellin comes in 2 flavors - Rebellin Synergy and Rebellin Adrenaline.

Rebellin comes with Lifetime Email Support! This makes Rebellin the perfect choice for beginners. Unlimited, unquestioned support is just an email away.

Rebellin Synergy

The stable version of Rebellin - super secure, super fast!

Fast, stable and secure
Security updates
Updated kernel and software
Pre-installed essential apps
Improved font rendering
Very low system requirements
Improved battery life

Rebellin Adrenaline

With the latest offerings in OSS, Adrenaline will blow you away!

Latest software packages
Excellent hardware support
Improved gnome usability
Optimized speed and stability
Pre-installed essential apps
Improved font rendering
Improved battery life

You'll absolutely love Rebellin! Rebellin won't let you down. No way!